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Holy Terror’s Total Terror Boxset Available From October 27, 2017!

Total terror guaranteed!

Dissonance Productions are set to release the Holy Terror 5 disc boxset, Total Terror!

The boxset contains every album these thrash legends ever released (Terror And Submission, 1987, Mind Wars, 1988, El Revengo, 2006, Live Terror, 2006) plus a DVD containing live sets from Milwaukee, Chicago and Anaheim.

The DVD also includes the official video for “Judas Reward”.

Check out the box set teaser here:

On October 27 2017 these four albums will all be released on vinyl:

Terror And Submission (White / Red splattered)
Mind Wars (White / Red splattered)
El Revengo (Purple / White splattered)
Live Terror (Clear)

During their all too brief existence California’s HOLY TERROR quickly took the 80’s underground by storm!

CD1 (Terror And Submission)
1.Black Plague
2.Evil’s Rising
3.Blood Of Saints
4.Mortal Fear
5.Guardians Of The Netherworld
6.Distant Calling
7.Terror And Submission
8.Tomorrow’s End
9.Alpha Omega (The Bringer Of Balance)

CD2 (Mind Wars)
1.Judas Reward
2.Debt Of Pain
3.The Immoral Wasteland
4.A Fool’s Gold
5.Terminal Humor
6.Mind Wars
7.Damned By Judges
8.Do Unto Others
9.No Resurrection
10.Christian Resistance

CD3 (El Revengo)
1.A Fool’s Gold / Terminal Humor
2.Christian Resistance
3.Damned By Judges
4.No Resurrection
5.Evil’s Rising
6.Mortal Fear
7.Distant Calling
8.Alpha Omega (The Bringer Of Balance)
9.Blood Of The Saints
10.Black Plague
11.Terror & Submission
12.Tomorrow’s End
13.Guardians Of The Netherworld

CD4 (Live Terror)
1.Black Plague [Live In Dendermonde, Belgium]
2.Evil’s Rising [Live In Dendermonde, Belgium]
3.Judas Reward [Live In Dendermonde, Belgium]
4.Debt Of Pain [Live In Dendermonde, Belgium]
5.Distant Calling [Live In Dendermonde, Belgium]
6.Christian Resistance [Live In Dendermonde, Belgium]
7.Blood Of The Saints [Live In Dendermonde, Belgium]
8.Immoral Wasteland [Live In Dendermonde, Belgium]
9.Alpha Omega [Live In Dendermonde, Belgium]
10.Do Unto Others [Live In Fort Lauderdale, Florida]
11.Christian Resistance [Live In Fort Lauderdale, Florida]
12.Alpha Omega [Live In Fort Lauderdale, Florida]
13.Judas Reward [Live in Milan, Italy]
14.Black Plague [Live in Milan, Italy]

1. Live sets from:
1 – Milwaukee
2 – Chicago
3 – Anaheim
2. Judas Reward Video
3. Slide Show

Pre-order now:
CD: http://bit.ly/DISS071CD

El Revengo: http://bit.ly/BOBV514LP
Terror and Submission: http://bit.ly/BOBV512LP
Live Terror: http://bit.ly/BOBV515LP
Mind Wars: http://bit.ly/BOBV513LP

Total Terror; total thrash!


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