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Forlesen Premiere Abridged Version Of New Song “Nightbridge”

Cross that bridge....

Comprising of two tracks nearing twenty minutes a piece, Hierophant Violent is a delicate and hypnotic sensory experience incorporating a myriad of styles and influences to craft a work of art which is cathartic and illuminating. Each track is a journey unfolding different aspects of the band’s sound, drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as Low, Leviathan, Skepticism and Dead Can Dance.

As the band states: “Forlesen’s Hierophant Violent is an immersive, lush, psychedelic blend of dark ambient, epic doom, slowcore and shadowy black metal. It was conceived during a time of immense personal loss and emerged as something both beautiful and terrifying to us. We hope it will give the same feelings of shadow exploration to our listeners.”

Featuring members of Lotus Thief, Botanist, and Kayo Dot among others, Hierophant Violent is a brilliant debut from a cadre of musicians already in top form who have lent their efforts to a new vision. Appropriately transfixing artwork by Benjamin A. Vierling (Aosoth, The Ajna Offensive, Joanna Newsom) will adorn this album, which will be presented as a 6 panel digipack.

The album was engineered, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, Mamaleek) at the Atomic Garden with additional recording by Forlesen.

Hierophant Violent will be released through Hypnotic Dirge Records on April 18, 2020

1 – Following Light (17:52)
2 – Nightbridge (18:13)

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