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The Forgotten Thrash Albums Of 1986! (Part 2)

Thrash in 1986....home to more than just The Big 4 you know!!!

Carrion – Evil Is There!

Source // www.rock-metal-wave.ru

Source // www.rock-metal-wave.ru

The perfect encapsulation of underground thrash in 1986, Swiss thrashers Carrion – you might know them better as Poltergeist(!) – released just one album before changing their name to the titular spectral house-wrecker. 

Noticably less technical than the output of Poltergeist, Evil Is There! is a bare bones thrash release with any ‘frash-fat’ picked clean to leave a pure, straightforward and relentless experience. Brutally simplistic and simply brutal, Carrion could still showcase a little melody from time to time – check out the intro to “The Avenger” – but it’s the lightning-quick riffing found on the the likes of “Demon’s Child” that retains its edge.

Incidentally, Poltergeist have signed to Pure Steel Records and a brand new album, Back to Haunt, came out on October 21, 2016!

Anvil Bitch – Rise To Offend

Source // tshirtslayer.com

Source // tshirtslayer.com

To describe Anvil Bitch as anything other than thrash also-rans would of course be ridiculous but Rise To Offend does have its simplified charms.

While Rise To Offend will never be mentioned as an East Coast thrash milestone, to ignore its endless chugging insistency and primal groove would be a disservice to an album that ticks more thrash boxes than you may remember! Galloping rhythms, histrionic vocals and no end of chug, this is a primal experience no doubt but who doesn’t love a good old fashioned neanderthal thrashing every now and then?

30 year later and nothing has changed. Rise To Offend is ugly ass thrash and it’s ideal for drinking cheap beer and moshing your saggy nuts off to!

Necronmicon – Necronomicon

Source // www.black-legion-shop.de

Source // www.black-legion-shop.de

1986 was a bloody good year for German thrash and while the often neglected Necronomicon may have been finding their feet, their rough and ready self-titled debut still merits praise for blindly pursuing their own singular path.

Trebly riffs, tinny sound, rasping vocals and raw aggression….it’s all here! A proto black metal, early-doors thrash album that goes straight for the throat, unencumbered by expectation and programmed to punish with each shift in gear and maddening solo.

“Insanity” is Necronomicon‘s savage highlight, living up to its name with its extended drum intro and demented vocals courtesy of Volker “Freddy” Fredrich and while Necronomicon may be forever tainted by Destruction comparisons, to cast them aside for following prevailing trends would be churlish; this debut is a warts an’ all document of thrash challenging the mettle of extremity in 1986.

Draw the flaming sword!

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