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The Forgotten Thrash Albums Of 1986! (Part 2)

Thrash in 1986....home to more than just The Big 4 you know!!!

Source // mediaboom.org

With all the talk in 2016 of 1986 being the greatest year in thrash history (and it was), Worship Metal has cast its eye over the huge number of thrash albums that always seem to be overlooked in favour of The Big 4 and Germany’s Teutonic Trio etc.

While these aforementioned classic albums of 1986 fully deserve all the endless plaudits sent their way – hell, we waxed lyrical about them in our 30 incredible albums that turn 30 years old in 2016 feature – ’86 was such a pioneering year for the burgeoning thrash scene because of the sheer wealth of quality releases that arrived in just one 12 month period….not just because of the albums that made it big!

The Forgotten Thrash Albums Of Part 1 already tipped its hat to the likes of Exumer, Razor, Hirax and more and Part 2 delves deeper into the archives.

REMEMBER! This is just Part 2, there’s plenty more 1986 thrashin’ coming in Part 3!!!

Voivod – Rrröööaaarrr

Source // fanart.tv

Source // fanart.tv

A huge step up from their primitive debut, Voivod’s Rrröööaaarrr may have been a 100% thrash album but the seeds were already being sown for the progressive metal majesty that was to come.

Unashamedly raw, sonically abrasive and totally unique in construct; futuristic thrash was perfected while the genre was still finding its feet and “Thrashing Rage”, “Ripping Headaches” (the two go hand in hand, right?) and “Korgull The Exterminator” have rightfully gone down in history as Voivod classics.

Rrröööaaarrr – the first sign that Voivod were to become a truly progressive and enduring global force – may be an abrasive experience but its merciless, mechanised and monstrous sound remains an enthralling and engrossing listen 30 years on!

At War – Ordered To Kill

Source // hrrshop.de

Source // hrrshop.de

Akin to the brutal hammering of Paul Speckman’s Abomination and early Sodom (by way of some serious Motörhead and Slayer worship), At War may not have been the equal of these bands but they still rattled through a fine selection of primitive thrashers on their debut release, Ordered To Kill.

Alluringly naive, it’s as though At War were more concerned with channelling Motörhead than forging their own path but either way, they could certainly thrash as hard and fast as the best of them. Like an 80’s Chuck Norris B-movie vs an Arnie or Sly Stallone classic, At War may come across as a second rate thrash band but there’s still some joy to be had if you throw yourself into the spirit of things.

Don’t like it? Eat lead!

Détente – Recognize No Authority

Source // metal-observer.com

Source // metal-observer.com

The late, great Dawn Crosby’s (1963-1996) unhinged vocals lift this cult curio into the realms of cult classic and Détente’s ferocious punk/thrash/hardcore hybrid marks out Recognise No Authority as a must hear thrash album from 1986!

Détente may be renowned for housing nu-metal producer extraordinaire Ross Robinson (guitars) but in ’86 it was all about the breakneck blue-collar thrash. Storming through the likes of warp-speed slug-fests such as “Losers”, “Shattered Illusions” and the sublime “Holy War”, Détente could never be accused of world-changing originality but they did whip up one hell of a storm on their only 80’s release.

The world would wait a further 24 years for a follow up (2010’s faithful but ironically titled Decline) but it’s Dawn Crosby’s raw shriek that elevates Recognise No Authority above the also rans of 1986.

Dawn Crosby and Détente; gone but certainly not forgotten.

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