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The Albums That Kept Nu-Metal Alive In 2017!

Nu-Metal lives on!

Papa Roach – Crooked Teeth

Whether you love the ‘Roach’ for their early rap-metal marathons or the streamlined, mainstream approach of their more recent material, Crooked Teeth was the first album to truly combine the two styles harmoniously.

Fans of alt metal, rap-metal and hard rock were catered for as Jacoby Shaddix and crew cast their eye back at a damn successful, nearly two decade(!) career and crafted an album high on emotion and nu-metal grit.

While tracks such as “Help” were a tad too saccharine to appeal to the Infest lovin’ crowd, it was left to the blistering title track to provide the real rap-metal meets alt metal thrills!

311 – Mosaic

These veterans have nothing left to prove and yet Mosaic felt like 311 were a band reborn, cementing their relevance once and for all and delivering a mosaic of sounds that incorporated rap-rock, nu-metal, reggae, hard rock and everything else in between!

An album that will be far too soft for the hardened nu-metal fan bought up on the angst of Korn et all, 311’s input is of the ‘good time’ variety, providing a soundtrack for those who enjoy nu-metal for its base power as opposed to its emotional malaise.

Rest assured, metal riffs were at the heart of the majority of tracks found on Mosaic, they were just surrounded by a set of eclectic sounds that broke down the borders of simple genre classification.

Suicide Silence – Suicide Silence

This was the big one. The polariser. The love it or hate it so much you wanted to commit cold blooded murder in the name of metal!

Suicide Silence, the eponymous fifth studio album from this Californian deathhore mob, was more than just a notable departure from their signature sound, it was an unthinkable turn into nu-metal obscurity.

If you loved nu-metal, you probably adored it. If you were already a fan of Suicide Silence…..you probably burned a copy in your backyard!

No one knew what to make of it but everyone had an opinion; critical reviews were mixed, fan response was generally negative but Suicide Silence soldiered on regardless.

The bravest move of 2017 or commercial suicide? Could be either. Time will tell.

Honourable mentions: Demon Hunter – Outlive / Red – Gone / Wage War – DeadweightNoSelf – Human-Cyborg Relations: Episode 1 / Powerman 5000 – New Wave / Motograter – Desolation

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    What about DED’s debut album?

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