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The Albums That Kept Nu-Metal Alive In 2017!

Nu-Metal lives on!

Riksha – Five Stages Of Numb

Coming across like Meshuggah meets Tool (replete with a nostalgic nu-metal twist), Riksha’s Five Stages Of Numb was a progressive traversing of genre that marked them out as a band to steadfastly keep an eye on.

It’s worth noting that Riksha do not walk in the shadows of rap-metal’s 90’s heyday and, in fact, it’s the Maynard-isms of vocalist Palmer that carves out Riksha’s niche.

As this nu-metal resurgence we are witnessing picks up steam (seemingly driven wholesale by Zombie Shark Records!), it’s forward-thinking bands such as Riksha that are leading the charge….delivering brains to match the brawn!

A Killer’s Confession – Unbroken

A Killer’s Confession – led by former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis – leapt out of the traps with the highly melodic Unbroken and with Dave Ellefson’s EMP label behind them, big things surely await!

With moments that recall heavy hitters such as Korn and, of course, Mushroomhead, it was left to the radio-friendly likes of “Angel On The Outside” to provide A Killer’s Confession with their stand-out moment.

With Waylon putting in an expressive and highly impressive vocal performance, nu-metal fans may have been forgiven for expecting something a little heavier but A Killer’s Confession are in the business of crossing-over to the mainstream….and Unbroken was certainly the album to put them on the right track.

My Ticket Home – unReal

unReal, the third studio album from My Ticket Home, was the band’s first album since 2013’s Strangers Only and took their nu metal meets metalcore sound into ever trippier realms.

With the expansive sound of Deftones late 90’s/early 00’s material providing the backbone, My Ticket Home nostalgically delivered an album that drew from 90’s alt metal and grunge while fashioning a mature, impressive album that remained futuristic in essence.

If you find that bands such as Sinch and the aforementioned Deftones are still on heavy rotation, My Ticket Home’s abrasive yet melodic sound will line them up as your new saviours!

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