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The 10 Greatest Technical Death Metal Albums Of 2017!

Tech death reached new heights in 2017!

7. Suffocation – …Of The Dark Light

The masters returned and boy, did they deliver a modern exercise in brutality and technical prowess!

While some may have balked at the over clinical production there was no denying that Suffocation are still masters of their craft as they hammered their way through  another intense collection of brutal, technically outstanding compositions.

Anyone expecting some sort of evolution from Suffocation album number 8 would be missing the point. Frank Mullen and co. practically invented this shit and they don’t need to evolve to impress….they just have to keep giving the public what they want.

Which is exactly what they did with ….Of The Dark Light!

6. Origin – Unparalleled Universe

A supreme return to form after 2014’s relatively disappointing Omnipresent, Unparalleled Universe – the seventh studio album from tech death giants Origin – restored faith with an up-the-ante explosion of hyper-technicality.

Clinically efficient to the point of absurdity, this unequivocal highpoint in Origin’s career may feel sterile and soulless to some but we remain blown away by its perfected sense of controlled chaos.

Forever pushing boundaries, Origin excelled this time around by further pushing beyond the realms of plausibility to reach new highs. Not only did this make Unparalleled Universe infinitely more interesting than much of 2017’s tech death output, it has arguably provided Origin with a springboard to challenge themselves ever further in the future.

Where they go next is anyone’s guess!

 5. Replacire – Do Not Deviate

Here’s a band who understands the importance of dynamics, ably softening their relentless attack with clean vocals and a borderline gothic atmosphere and revealing themselves to be a talented bunch of bastards who share a kinship with both The Faceless and the ground-breaking Cynic!

Fluid and forceful, Do Not Deviate ironically deviates from the tech death path at regular intervals, drawing on the fearless nature of the aforementioned Cynic to deliver beauty alongside the expected brutality. The results were uniformly stunning as technicality brushed shoulders with a sound all of their own; a unique personality long thought lost in the often sterile world of technical death metal.

The lesson here is that we desperately need deviation if tech death is to progress….and we need Replacire to keep producing albums as good as this!

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  1. Grindmasterflesh // December 15, 2017 at 8:04 pm // Reply

    This list is living proof that the genre of tech death is dead and it has been dead for a while.

  2. Artificial brain lose this game

  3. Vishnu Udayan // December 20, 2017 at 10:04 am // Reply

    what about cytotoxin Gammageddon album?

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