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The 10 Greatest Albums Turning 35 Years Old In 2021!


7. Crimson Glory – Crimson Glory

Crimson Glory – Crimson Glory (CD) - Discogs

Few bands could rival the metal perfection engineered by Crimson Glory on this, their debut album, and its follow up Transcendence. Bombastic, heavily charismatic and enlivened by the outstanding vocals of frontman Midnight, Crimson Glory had it all.

Masterful musicianship and a theatricality that left even Queensrÿche flailing, the likes of “Azrael” remain mind blowing; a true classic of 80’s metal overflowing with enough ideas and perfect riffs to fill an entire album.

A band that should have experienced the success of the Maiden’s and Priest’s of this world, their footnote standing in the annals of metal history is a disgrace. While Crimson Glory may sound quintessentially 80’s, this incredible album has lost none of its power over the last 30+ years, leaving this band perennially under-appreciated but beloved by those in the know!

6. Kreator – Pleasure To Kill

Kreator – Pleasure To Kill / Flag Of Hate (1988, CD) - Discogs

This precociously vicious shitstorm instantly struck a chord with thrashers worldwide and, in 1986, Kreator found themselves leading the way in the teutonic scene.

Unhinged to the point of incarceration, Pleasure To Kill‘s track-list borders on a greatest hits selection with the wall of noise maelstrom of “Ripping Corpse”, the unforgettable “Pleasure To Kill”, the death metal influencing “Riot Of Violence” and the epic and surprisingly complex “The Pestilence” all meriting classic status.

Kreator altered the German thrash landscape with Pleasure To Kill and frankly, mayhem of this calibre never again sounded so good!

5. Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986, Vinyl) - Discogs

While all else were speeding up, Candemass were slowing things down, channeling Sabbath and adding their own love of tortured melancholy to create a doom metal masterpiece and an 80’s classic.

One of those precious albums where each and every track demands to be savoured, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus practically defined the doom metal genre in just 6 tracks. Mournful, overwhelmingly bleak and utterly immersive, the pure pain of human existence seeps from every vocal utterance and lumbering riff.

Universally heavy without sacrificing melody, the darkened heart musings of “Solitude” and the achingly beautiful “Crystal Ball” suffocate the soul; masterpieces of unparalleled emotional power.

Epic doom metal indeed!

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