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6 Under-Appreciated Classics Of American Death Metal (Part 3)

Put down your Death, Deicide, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary & Morbid Angel albums.....and listen to these instead!

Epidemic – Decameron (1992)

Source // coverlib.com

Skirting around the periphery of being more thrash than death metal, it still seems appropriate to highlight this early 90’s skull-splitter from San Francisco’s Epidemic.

Arriving rather late on the scene, Epidemic’s fusion of thrash and death was understandable, as by 1992 death metal had already begun to ensnare those fans looking for ever heavier sounds. With complete disregard for the level of melody the majority of mainstream metal bands had been playing with – this was around the time of Testament’s ultra-melodic The Ritual, Death Angel’s next-level Act III and the behemoth that was Metallica’s Black Album – Epidemic’s death/thrash was relentless in it’s attack and rivalled the sounds emanating from Ripping Corpse!

An often forgotten gem from the early 90’s, this incensed body of work shunned the expected formula of the day and went straight for the jugular, with quick-fire bursts of pure rage. Thrash had been contorted and twisted into new shapes and Decameron was the deathly result!

Have we forgotten your favourite American death metal album which deserves more recognition? Pop it in the comments section below but remember, 6 Under-Appreciated Classics Of American Death Metal (Part 4) is already in the works!!

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