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5 Of The Heaviest Old-School THRASH METAL Albums in Existence (Part 4)

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Heavy. Heavier. Heaviest. The age old argument of which metal albums – in this case THRASH – were the heaviest rumbles on. We’ve weighed in with 5 of the heaviest old-school THRASH METAL albums in existence….and this is just Part 4….there’s plenty more in this series to come….

Epidemic – Decameron (1992) [USA]

Epidemic - Decameron | Références, Avis, Crédits | Discogs

Arriving rather late on the scene, Epidemic’s fusion of thrash and death metal was understandable as by 1992 death metal had already begun to ensnare those fans looking for ever heavier sounds. 

With complete disregard for the level of melody the majority of mainstream metal bands had been playing with – this was around the time of Testament’s ultra-melodic The RitualDeath Angel’s next-level Act III and the behemoth that was Metallica’s Black Album – Epidemic’s death/thrash was relentless in its attack and rivalled the sounds emanating from the likes of Ripping Corpse and Baphomet.

An often forgotten gem from the early 90’s, this incensed body of work shunned the expected formula of the day and went straight for the jugular, with quick-fire bursts of slashing and hacking rage!

Gammacide – Victims Of Science (1989) [USA]

Gammacide – Victims Of Science (2005, CD) - Discogs

Gammacide‘s one and only album, Victims Of Science, may not be well known (except to the thrash die-hards, of course) but it’s a late 80’s release far more deserving of simply also ran status!

Fans of Vio-lence and Exodus will appreciate Gammacide’s technically skilled but aggressively direct approach and their no nonsense attitude elevates Victims Of Science to a level which far surpasses the majority of their peers. Built around that age-old thrash chestnut of nuclear war and falling victim to mankind’s technological ‘progress’, Gammacide were the thrash equivalent of armageddon and their ripping, snarling vocals, high-speed riffs, outstanding solos and whip-crack tempos were refreshingly direct and as remorseless as a nuclear winter.

Mankind has always been doomed…..and Gammacide’s Victims Of Science will always provide the soundtrack!

Holy Moses – Finished With the Dogs (1987) [Germany]

Holy Moses – Finished With The Dogs (2016, CD) - Discogs

On an album that never fails to impress, it was the attitude of Holy Moses that hit hardest; a fearless, punk and grindcore-infused, middle-finger to the face of mainstream sensibilities that set them miles apart from many of their contemporaries.

Each track snapped and snarled but it’s “Current Of Death” that hit hard enough to put you into a coma (Death Angel nicked Sabina Classen’s irrefutably catchy “whoah, whoah, whoah” delivery on 2004’s “Thrown to The Wolves” incidentally) while “Fortress Of Desperation” settled into a groove that’ll have you bangin’ ’till you puke.

In 1987, these dogs didn’t just bite, they sank rabies-infected fangs deep into your neck and tore out chunk after chunk of bloodied flesh; brutal, uncompromising and utterly feral.

Growl. Grrr. Woof!

Mutilator – Immortal Force (1987) [Brazil]

Mutilator – Immortal Force (1987, Vinyl) - Discogs

Highly influential in the Brazilian thrash / extreme metal scene, Mutilator‘s full-length debut was a death-thrash maelstrom before the term had even been coined and this Brazilian version of Slayer was as rough, ready and downright reprehensible as they come! 

Living up to its name, Immortal Force was an unnatural assault on the senses with its lo-fi production and chaotic nature ably conveying its intimidatingly savage approach via potent energy and unhinged malice. None more so than on blistering closer, “Paranoic Command”; a song so relentlessly un-remorseful that Kerry King himself would have shit the bed upon hearing it.

In what was a crowded scene, Mutilator out-thrashed the majority of their peers and released a bone fide underground classic at the first time of asking.

Protector – A Shedding Of Skin (1991) [Germany]

Protector – A Shedding Of Skin (1991, CD) - Discogs

Protector’s 3rd album, A Shedding Of Skin, experimented wildly with daringly diversified dynamics and pacing while still remaining resolutely committed to stripping skin from bone! 

Comprised of 13 snarling, slashing tracks originally produced by master Producer Harris Johns (famed for producing classic albums by KreatorVoivodSodom amongst many others), A Shedding Of Skin may sound slightly antiquated over thirty years later but, in 1991, Protector had harnessed the perfect blend of thrash heaviness and death metal intensity…..resulting in an album of considerable force. 

If Testament’s dalliances with death metal on the underrated Demonic caused you to suffer from involuntary liquid explosions then A Shedding Of Skin will require you to be hospitalised with dehydration. Barring a few moments of slower-paced bruising on tracks such as “Death Comes Soon” and “Thy Will Be Done” this blasts harder than ten-tonnes of dynamite down a mine-shaft and should be revered as a progressive death/thrash masterclass from one of the most consistently reliable bands in German thrash history.

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