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5 Metal Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore In October 2016!

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Source // Dehumanized

Source // Dehumanized

Brace yourselves….there’s a lot of good shit out this October!

It’s all about the Doooom when Berlin’s Albez Duz release Wings Of Tzinacan on October 28th.

Alter Bridge are back with The Last Hero with Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremontti once again proving they’re the modern masters of hard rock. Available now!

The modern melodic metal of Amaranthe hits its mainstream peak when Maximalism lands on October 21st.

Prepare to be violated when Anaal Nathrakh unleash The Whole Of The Law on October 28th.

Set for release on October 14th, the purest metal sounds are conjured by Anciients on 2nd album, Voice Of The Void.

Mute Books, the new blackened death metal release from Auroch will set minds racing when its darkness descends on October 21st.

Technical death metal savagery is guaranteed when Cognitive release Deformity on October 28th.

Darkthrone’s Arctic Thunder arrives on October 14th. Will it be black metal? Speed Metal? Crust punk? Time will tell!

New York death metal bruisers Dehumanized return with their third full length album, Beyond The Mind, on October 28th.

Brutal death metal marauders Deranged will be Struck By A Murderous Siege on October 28th!

Of Gods and Heroes, Desolate Pathway‘s latest deluge of classic doom metal hits hard on 22nd October.

The unique and inspired madness of Destrage once again rears its head when A Means To No End arrives on October 21st.

The Dillinger Escape Plan are bowing out in style with final album Dissociation, released on October 14th. They will be sorely missed.

Helmet are anything but Dead To The World when album number 8 exposes itself on October 28th.

Khemmis‘ Hunted is a paean to the sounds of Tony Iommi and classic doom. Unveil its considerable charms on October 21st.

The riffs are back on October 21st when Korn return to their roots on The Serenity Of Suffering. 

The autumnal equinox is upon us….perfect timing to indulge in Remnants Of Expansion, the new album from subversive death metallers Krypts, released on October 28th.

Classic stoner rock grooves abound on Kyng‘s Breathe In The Water, out now!

Cosmic death dealers Mithras release On Strange Loops on October 21st and progressive death metal mastery is on the agenda!

The shuddering rhythms of Noveria will wreck your neck when Forsaken is released on October 28th.

After 33 years and ‘against all odds’ (see what we did there), NWOBHM pioneers Quartz are back with Fear No Evil on October 28th!

Red Fang are back to dirty rock you ass off with Only Ghosts, released on October 14th.

The contemporary rock of Milan’s Sixty Miles Ahead reaches Insanity levels on October 21st.

The Ninth Hour, Sonata Arctica‘s latest collection of precision power metal arrives on October 7th.

The Brotherhood Of The Snake. It’s the new Testament album. It’s gonna be shit hot. October 28th.

Ulcerate‘s Shrines Of Paralysis rewrites the death metal rulebook on October 28th.

Released on October 28th, Warfist are Metal To The Bone. That’s all you need to know. 

Grindcore deviants Wormrot return with Voices on October 14th.

Wovenwar‘s sophomore album Honor Is Dead hits melodic metalcore highs on October 21st.


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