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5 Metal Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore In October 2016!

Watchtower – Concepts Of Math: Book One (EP)

Source // Watchtower

Source // Watchtower

Watchtower are true revolutionaries and considering this is their first EP/album release since 1989’s Control and Resistance, fans of progressive/technical thrash metal will be salivating to get their hands on this much anticipated release.

Bringing together four previously-released singles (a set of releases that began in 2010 with the release of “The Size Of Matter”) and featuring one brand new song, “Mathematica Calculis”, Concepts Of Math: Book One (EP) may not be the new album we’ve waited aeons for but it’s still a monumental release from these cult legends.

Operating at a level most of us mere mortals can barely fathom, the intricate playing and borderline psychic abilities of these musicians is second to none. It all adds up to something special. You do the math!

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