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5 Metal Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore In October 2016!

Source // Tygers of Pan Tang

Damn! October already? While we dream of a summer already gone, metallers can take solace in the fact that October is over-flowing with quality releases from across the world that traverse all sub-genres.

With that in mind, it felt necessary to highlight those 5 metal albums you simply can’t ignore in October 2016 and shake a stick at the best of the rest (there’s a whole heap of ’em).

So, pop down the bank and convince them to give you a second mortgage….you’ve got some serious purchases to make!

Hobbs’ Angel Of Death – Heaven Bled

Source // deadcenter666.com

Source // deadcenter666.com

This one is for the old-skool thrashers! The first new material in 21 years from Australia’s king of the damned Peter Hobbs (aka Hobbs’ Angel Of Death) arrives on October 14th and Heaven Bled promises a return to the ripping thrash experience of early Slayer and Hobbs’ own classic debut from 1988!

Just 3 albums in 30 years has given fans little to cling on to over the years but this long awaited comeback album, from a revered cult figure in thrash, truly proves that thrash in 2016 is in very rude health indeed.

Heaven bled, heaven SHRED!

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