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5 Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore This September!

Ignore at your peril!!!!

Source // metalsucks.net

With September fast approaching – and some truly iconic bands releasing their first new material in years – Worship Metal casts our beady eye over 5 must hear albums set for release over the coming month.

A few may surprise, a few certainly won’t and all are bound to be essential and on many an end of year ‘best of’ list!

Here’s 5 albums you simply can’t ignore this September…..

Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls

Source // Iron Maiden

Source // Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden are back – as if you didn’t already know – and The Book Of Souls is a double album that promises to make previous Maiden releases look positively childlike in comparison! Admittedly, Speed Of Light was decidedly ‘safe’ but you can expect nothing but epic compositions – fearless, progressive and grandiose – tapped from a seemingly endless well of ideas from 6 musicians who continue to build and build on a legacy that seats them at the very top of Metal’s hierarchy.

Renowned for embracing the epic, The Book Of Souls is home to some serious bum-numbers! With 7 tracks surpassing the 6 minute mark – “The Red And The Black” and “Empire of the Clouds” clock in at an incredible 13min 33sec and 18mins apiece – you can expect a myriad of time changes, expertly woven rhythms, intricate solo trade-off’s, operatic orchestral flourishes and an endless stream of beyond-powerful choruses designed to reach the very back of the cavernous stadiums they are sure to tour over the next few years.

We predict that The Book Of Souls will more than make up for the 5 long years that have passed since the release of The Final Frontier, with Iron Maiden proving once and for all that since Dickinson and Adrian Smith’s return in 1999, their comeback has not only been stratospheric but utterly vital in ensuring Metal’s survival.

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  1. Lamb of God! What the hell dude, thought you where a metalhead

  2. Gavin O'Connor // August 22, 2015 at 12:48 pm // Reply

    So many big releases in such a short space of time, what with Motorhead and Ghost in the next week or so and a new Rammstein live DVD is always cause for celebration, i’d sooner have a new album though.

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