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5 Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore This October!

How could you possibly resist....

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With October fast approaching – and a glut of releases that have ‘end of year list’ written all over them – Worship Metal looks at the 5 must hear albums set for release over the coming month.

From New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legends to opinion dividing genre-jumpers, a few albums included here may surprise, a few certainly won’t but all are utterly essential if you plan on ‘winning’ at Metal!

Here’s 5 albums you simply can’t ignore this October…..

Clutch – Psychic Warfare

Source // ultimateclassicrock.com

Source // ultimateclassicrock.com

Already touted as the finest of album of this universally lauded bands career, if Psychic Warfare doesn’t invade your happy box on October 2nd you’re nuthin’ but a miserable old curmudgeon who doesn’t appreciate the glory of a good groove!

Suffice to say, Clutch fans are a loyal bunch and for good reason, Clutch are ridiculously reliable. Their songwriting craft is second to none and whether they choose to go down the bluesier, soulful route of 2005’s RobotHive/Exodus or simply let rip in the manner of 2004’s Blast Tyrant and 2013’s Earth Rocker, the end result will be the same; the highest quality rock ‘n’ fuckin’ roll from a band unafraid to turn the spotlight on the hypocrisies of America and still have fun doing it.

Are they a little preachy? Perhaps. But when you have something to say and the means to say it, why stay silent. These narrative weavers are at the top of their game and Psychic Warfare is shaping up to be their great American epic.

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