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Limb – Terminal – Album Review

The diagnosis? Terminal.

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Satisfyingly gritty and full of the kind of low-end rumble that has you worried that your fillings are going to shake loose, it’s the likes of the short but sweet “Mortuary Teeth” and “Ghost Dance” that provide the most bite on Limb’s second album, Terminal.

From the bouncy Stoner-Rock joys of “Micromegas” to the lengthy hypnotic doom-like grooves of “Cocytus”, Limb sound sound positively ‘beefy’ and this can – in part – be credited to enlisting the considerable weight of producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, The Rotted). Gifted with Russell’s pounding production job that truly gives Limb’s mammoth groove’s room to breathe, there’s a consistently crushing cadence to Terminal that warms the soul while throttling the senses. 

Clutch, Orange Goblin, we’ve heard it all before from these masters of the craft but Limb are far from lifeless. The blood pumps hard through the 9 tracks on Terminal and while not a ‘game-changer’ per se, these Londoners are undoubtedly the real deal.

Stoner-Rock has it’s fair share of advocators but Limb have all but solidified their position with this earth-shattering display. Keep an eye on where they go next! 8/10

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