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5 Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore In March 2016!

The Best Of The Rest…..


American Head Charge‘s Tango Umbrella opens on March 25th. Their first new batch of industrialised/nu-metal shenanigans since 2005’s The Feeding….welcome back boys!

Amon Amarth‘s Jomsviking conquers all on March 25th via Metal Blade records. Expect more of the crushing melodic death metal that these Swedish marauders have long since perfected!

Penalty By Perception, the latest release from veteran thrashers Artillery, arrives on March 25th. Expect an album that surpasses the return to form that was 2013’s Legions.

Almost impenetrable noise-rock proponents Baklavaa release Dane On on March 4th. If the idea of a more metal Pavement floats your boat then this meticulously crafted chaos should appeal.

Blood Ceremony‘s occult rock returns with Lord Of Misrule on March 25th; riffs, flute and Coven worshipping abounds!

Germany’s metalcore mainstays Caliban defy Gravity on March 25th with another collection of bruising melodic anthems.

Finnish death metal pioneers Convulse release Cycle Of Revenge on 18th March. Showcasing death metal’s diversity, this album will go down as one of 2016’s finest death metal releases. 

Death/doom masters Dream Death bring their inimitable crushing old-school groove into 2016 with the release of Dissemination on March 4th.

Canadian power metal meets melodic death metal heroes Demise Of The Crown release their self-titled debut on March 3rd.

Of Despair sees the UK’s Horrified semi-turn their back on the raw death metal of their debut and instead cast their gaze to the icy north, channeling the likes of Dissection in the process. Hear for yourself when Of Despair is released on 25th March.

The self-proclaimed big psych, facemelter, fuzz wowowpopsong(?) ingenuity of the quite frankly mesmerising Purson unveil Desire’s Magic Theatre on March 25th . It’s like the 60’s never went away….either that or we’re just off our tits on LSD again!

Rotten Sound‘s grindcore noise attacks your senses once more with the release of Abuse To Suffer on March 18th. 

Spiritual Beggars return with their stoner rock rifferama on Sunrise To Sundown, released on 18th March (EU) & 25th March (US).

Walls Of Jericho‘s first release in 8 years, No One Can Save You from Yourself, will relentlessly smash your face in on March 25th!

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