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Sunburst – Out Of The World – Single Review

For fans of Black Fate, Nevermore , Dream Theater & Helloween

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Out Of the World” is taken from the forthcoming debut release from Sunburst; Greece’s latest proponents of melodic progressive metal.

Featuring members of such revered acts as Paradox, Biomechanical, Black Fate and Suicidal Angels, it should come as no surprise that Sunburst and particularly Black Fate compare favourably (especially since both bands share a vocalist and guitarist), only in this instance the operatic grandeur has been cut back in favour of a more streamlined shred-heavy approach.

At heart, Sunburst pedal cleanly sung power/progressive metal with furious riffing and djent-esque rhythmic gymnastics played at a ridiculous pace. It’s only during the obligatory huge chorus that Sunburst slow down and settle into something approaching a civilised stride. 

“Out Of The World” is widdly, it’s dramatic, it’s rammed to the rafters with show-stopping solo’s and it’s progressive metal in the Dream Theatre/Black Fate style….which makes it pretty damn appealing! 7/10

Sunburst’s debut album, Fragments Of Creation, will be released on February 26th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings and can be pre-ordered [CD + shirt bundle available] at the Inner Wound Store


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