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5 Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore In March 2016!

Source // i0.wp.com

With March almost upon us – and a slew of records preparing for their grand unveiling – Worship Metal picks the 5 albums set for release over the coming month that simply cannot be ignored.

From metalcore pioneers to New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legends, March belongs to underground deviants and well known, well respected, veterans alike.

Put a spring in your step this March and add these potential future classics to your ‘must hear’ list at once….

5. Criminal – Fear Itself

Source // i0.wp.com

Source // i0.wp.com

Death-thrash miscreants Criminal have been unleashing hell since 1991 and their latest release, Fear Itself, is sure to continue their trademark aggression and full-on attack when it lands on March 11th.

Recorded at bassist Dan Biggin’s (Anihilated, Pentagram Chile, Takoma Star) HVR Studios in Suffolk, UK, the band have refined their sound to such a degree that the result is nothing less than pure primal rage with “Down Driven” – and particularly the incendiary “Shock Doctrine” – already indicating that fans should expect some straight up, classic Sepultura meets Napalm Death-styled blunt force trauma. 

Fear Itself is setting itself up to be the most aggressive album of Criminal’s career and the band appear to be revelling in the fact they only have one setting; 100% brutality. Be afraid, be very afraid.

You can pre-order Fear Itself direct from Metal Blade records….and we suggest you do.

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