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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Sabaton – The Last Stand

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Two years on from their last album – the well-received Heroes – and power metal uber-lords Sabaton return with The Last Stand. Of course, this can only mean one thing; more songs of war and derring-do. Which is exactly what we want from them!

Compared to many of their European brethren, Sabaton may not be the most overly technical band going but then again, they don’t need to be. Sabaton’s style of power metal is as bombastic and overblown as they come and despite the weighty subject matter never anything less than great fun. Take for example “Blood Of Bannockburn”, which turns out to be a bagpipe and keyboard driven romp through this epic battle. It sounds ridiculous and is as cheesy as they come but if you let the band carry you along for the ride you’ll soon get caught up in the whole shebang. Likewise, with the opening “Sparta”, “Rorkes Drift” and the title track; fromage heaven one and all! A few tracks lack some of the fizz of the aforementioned tracks – such as “Hill 3234” and the formulaic “Last Dying Breath” – but such is the irrepressible nature of the band that you are still left with the impression that these songs will go down a storm in the live environment.

Let’s face it, if you are already familiar with Sabaton then you aren’t going to find any surprises on The Last Stand; 8 albums into a hugely successful career means they aren’t going to start dicking around with what is so obviously a winning formula. The result features no shortage of great big fuck off riffs, thunderous drums, keyboard embellishment and gruff but melodic vocals from de facto leader Joakim Broden, all buffed to a sheen by knob twiddler extraordinaire Peter Tagtgren. It’s what you expect, it’s what you demand and it’s delivered with atomic bomb aplomb!

Common perception would have you believe that the U.K can be rather shy when it comes to power metal worship. But, the fact that this fine album has entered our album chart at number 17 shows that the tide may very well be turning. While this is another great album it doesn’t quite reach the heights of the likes of Carolus Rex or The Art of War. However, if you are already a fan you will not be disappointed. Everyone else should give The Last Stand a listen with an open mind and prepare to join the army of Sabaton. It’s time to enlist! 8/10

Source // www.youtube.com

Source // www.youtube.com

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