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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Solitary – The Truth Behind The Lies

8 tracks, no bullshit: pure thrash!

Thrashers Solitary should now be considered vanguards of the UK scene, having plyed their trade since 1994 and released some incendiary material during thrash metal’s fallen periods. Gaps in between albums have been relatively long in the past but it’s a delight to see them back with a follow-up to 2017’s The Diseased Heart Of Society and hopes of a ball-crushing exercise in UK thrash brutality are high, such is the quality of previous releases.

Fortunately, opener “I Will Not Tolerate” is an immediate winner, a full-throttle assault on the thrash senses which finds Solitary positively bug-eyed with rage and blatantly sick of the shit that surrounds them. More than a hint at what’s to come, this track is the kind of introduction you crave to an album but often don’t encounter.

Attention suitably grabbed.

Swiftly followed by the vicious chug of “The Dark… The Resilient” may slow the pace but it ably ups the aggression and Rich Sherrington’s vocal hooks will snag you in an instant.

That’ll be two for two so far!

First single “Abominate” is an old-school rager which is both memorable and satisfyingly to the point and that’s an adage that applies to the whole album, with Solitary nary missing a beat as each track hits hard and with 100% conviction.

With plenty of variety and a true sense of purpose and focus the likes of the title track deliver a pummelling experience, and one which gets better with each spin. That being said, this isn’t a ‘grower’, it’s an immediate thrash fix which speaks volumes for Solitary’s songwriting and performances across the board.

“Cartharsis” is the only minor blip – and we mean minor – as it doesn’t quite resonate with the same force as the seven tracks that surround it but this is a contrary complaint in the grand scheme of things. Fortunately, the Exodus-esque “Dishonour True Reality” restores the ‘hit’ rate and we’re back to business with the caustic, frantic “Spawn of Hate” finishing things on a indelible high.

Together with producer Simon Efemey (Amorphis, Napalm Death, Paradise Lost etc), Solitary have pushed themselves to the limit and released the most consistent, most convincing album of their career to date. A bold statement considering how damn good The Diseased Heart Of Society was but it’s clear that The Truth Behind The Lies is Solitary’s magnum opus; an undiluted thrash album with plenty to say and the songs to back it up! The fact that it’s a UK thrash album – hardly a geographical location adored for its thrash releases despite the blatant quality over the years – further sweetens the deal.

Put it this way, if the latest releases from Testament, Xentrix and Onslaught rocked your sweaty fuckin’ socks off then The Truth Behind The Lies is mandatory listening. We haven’t made it our album of the week recommendation for nuthin’ now, have we! 9/10 


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