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Rammstein – Rammstein – Album Review

Du hast uns....

Ahh Rammstein – metal’s best known group of deviants – it’s great to have you back!

In the ten years since Rammstein’s last exercise in Neue Deutsche Härte /industrial metal last blasted our ears (yes, Liebe ist für alle da is virtually a decade old already!), much has changed in our beloved scene. Fortunately, Rammstein can be counted on to stay true to their roots and deliver the goods…..and stay true to their roots and deliver the goods they most surely have.

Looking back through their albums and one thing is for damn certain….Rammstein can always be relied on to deliver a rousing opening track that gets the blood fully pumping. However, with the already infamous “Deutschland”, Rammstein have opted for an opener that starts at a slower tempo, although it’s no less memorable for it. A beautifully weighted amalgamation of everything that makes Rammstein so beloved, “Deutschland” may lack the bone-crushing intensity of a “Mein Herz brennt” or a “Reise, Reise” but it showcases Rammstein at their courageously, controversial, best.

One thing that’s noticeable is that Till Lindemann, Richard Kruspe and co. have reverted somewhat to their earlier sound, with the likes of “Radio“, “Sex” and “Auslander” bringing Flake’s keyboards a tad more to the front and Christoph Schneider’s drumming reverting to the more simplistic, machine-like style he used to devastating effect on 1997’s Sehnsucht and on 1995’s debut, Herzeleid. Meanwhile, during “Puppe”, Till Lindemann delivers his lines like some sort of deranged madman, his performance oozing menace from every syllable, and reminding us all how devastatingly effective and rip-roaringly entertaining he has always been.

From the simple cover art of an unlit match, to its eponymous title, Rammstein have delivered a simple message that is backed up by the music contained within; namely Rammstein is Rammstein being Rammstein. No fancy tricks, no changes of style or irritating curveballs, just eleven tracks of catchy, bombastic heavy metal that is sure to have you maniacally punching your thigh in the best Till impression you can muster!

These days we need Rammstein more than ever. Their imagery, their lyrics, their music, their entire aesthetic is a massive middle finger to the super PC brigade and like six, bondage-clad, heroes riding off into the sunset, Rammstein have saved us all once again from the beige brigade….all hail Rammstein! 9/10

Rammstein was released through Universal Music on 17 May 2019.

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