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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Aeraco – Baptized By Fire

This isn't a baptism of fire....it's a joyful awakening of classic 80's metal!!

Ace, Spidey, Misfit and Beast make up the four piece heavy metal band from Chicago known as Aeraco, a band you should acquaint yourself with forthwith! Let’s face it, very few artists have been able to emulate the aura of  the glory days of traditional heavy metal with any degree of success….and that brings us to Aeraco. Well, we can now add them to the exclusive list of those precious few who have curbed the trend to achieve exactly that!

With their sophomore album, Baptized by Fire, Aeraco have announced to the world that they’re ‘back with a vengeance’ with the opening track titled – you guessed it – “Back With a Vengeance”. From there on in, Baptized By Fire grabs you by the balls (or whatever your scrotal equivalent may be) and just doesn’t let go, gouging itself on the finest 80’s metal and rock influences.

Each and every time a new track begins it grabs you instantly and it’s not like Aeraco are just reusing the same the old recipe for the same old outcome either! There is more than enough variety on this album to keep the listener enthralled and they’ve crafted instant classics, such as the title track “Baptized by Fire” and “In Vain” via the simple use of catchy vocals and even catchier riffs and proven that they can slow it down with the heavy metal love song “All I Know”.

Aeraco blast us back to the good old days of heavy metal with their new album, Baptized by Fire. They are pure oxygen for classic metal die-hards and a must listen for anyone even remotely interested in the genre, rarely missing a beat to bring us a flawless 60 minute experience which is sure to be the envy of many heavy metal bands in 2017 and beyond!

Worth every second of your time. 10/10

Aeraco - Baptized By Fire

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