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Villain – Villain – EP Review

Honouring the greats of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Canada’s Villain are here to wind back the clock to the heady days of the early 80’s and bring denim and leather back to the metal hungry masses!

As you’ve already gathered, these guys are in awe of the all-conquering sounds that emanated from the UK between the late 70’s and the mid 80’s, and they’re intent on showing that love and appreciation via 5 tracks of prime

The opening riff to “Hopes End” is an absolute doozy and when Caleb Beal’s vocals hit, it’s as if you’re in a sweaty shed in Barnsley with Biff Byford and the boys! The line “I’ll see you in hell, my friend” then brings Grim Reaper to mind while “Breaking Free” proves to be a Motörhead-esque bludgeoning of gnarly rock ‘n’ roll.

The remainder?

That’ll be a mighty metallic mix of Judas Priest and the aforementioned Saxon with plenty of bite and oodles of melody scattered throughout.

The whole thing may reek of shit you’ve heard a million times before but that won’t stop you from enjoying every last second of it. Certainly not villains of the piece, these Canadians are simply a rock-solid act with some cracking tunes behind ’em! 7/10

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