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8 Classic Progressive Metal Albums That Haven’t Aged A Day (Part 2)

Control Denied – The Fragile Art Of Existence (1999)

Source // metalsickness.com

Source // metalsickness.com

It all led to this. From the neanderthal, gore-drenched days of Death’s Scream Bloody Gore and Leprsoy, to the ever increasing progressive nature of each subsequent release, Chuck Schuldiner’s genre-defining creative spirit was always striving to expand Death Metal’s boundaries and The Fragile Art Of Existence – Control Denied’s only studio album –  would prove to be the swansong that altered perceptions once and for all.

Handing vocal duties to the all-together more accessible Tim Aymar, Chuck Schuldiner was free to concentrate on his impeccable musicianship and incredibly intricate and varied compositions. From Doom-passages to blistering Death Metal speed finessed to the point of perfection, not a single moment is wasted on an album that should have led to greater things.

As it transpired, the world was robbed of one of its most creative minds when Chuck succumbed to brain cancer in 2001 but at least the Fragile Art Of Existence left us with a cacophony of ideas, tempos and atmospherics that ebbed and flowed at such a rate that even now, it can become impossible to keep up with the myriad of changes.


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