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8 Classic Progressive Metal Albums That Haven’t Aged A Day (Part 2)

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Continuing where Part 1 of our Classic Progressive Metal Albums That Haven’t Aged A Day left off, Part 2 embraces the 1990’s and the Progressive Metal albums from that decade that have stood the test of time remarkably well.

We admit, production values may date these albums but the music itself continues to enthral and attract new generations of fans eager to explore those bands who took Metal into uncharted territory. From the Progressive Death Metal of Pestilence to the concept histrionics of Ayreon, not one of these albums can be considered anything other than groundbreaking and still utterly relevant in 2015.

Savatage – Streets: A Rock Opera (1991)

Source // 1.bp.blogspot.com

Source // 1.bp.blogspot.com

The album cover may be hideously of it’s time (check out the preening machismo, low-cut attire and flowing locks) but the music found on Streets is anything but archaic.

A ‘Rock Opera’ is always going to sound dramatic, over the top and flamboyantly extravagant and it’s for exactly those reasons that Streets has barely aged a day. Taking a West End/Broadway approach to the concept album, the theatrics enhance the story, throwing the listener directly into the narrative of a lost soul attempting to find himself again in the seedy streets of New York City.

Spilling over with epic balladry, streamlined rockers and symphonic grandeur, the impassioned delivery of Jon Oliva and the intricate guitar leads of Criss Oliva showcased a group of musicians at the height of their collaborative creativity. For a respected Power/Thrash Metal band to even contemplate a Rock Opera as ambitious and so stunningly realised as Streets bordered on madness but just listen to “Streets” and “Believe” if you need proof that this is one theatrical journey down darkened back-streets still worth taking.

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