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Wargasm – Why Play Around?

Source // img12.nnm.me

Source // img12.nnm.me

Fusing the sonic onslaught of all-out Thrash with the melodic nous of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal – and the classic sounds of old-school Heavy Metal(!) – Wargasm’s sophomore effort, Why Play Around?, is ignored by the majority but beloved by connoisseurs.

“Bullets & Blades” took the speed and aggression of Motorhead and Tank and thrashed the sh*t out of it while “Revenge” harnessed a mid-paced crunch to drive home some truly catchy riffing and it’s “knee deep in blood” refrain.

So much potential, so much talent. Why Play Around? may have failed to stand out in a crowded scene of quality releases in 1988 (Metallica’s …And Justice For All, Anthrax’s State Of Euphoria, Exodus’ Fabulous Disaster, Flotsam’s No Place For Disgrace, Testament’s The New Order…) but that’s no reason for ignoring it in 2015!

The CD is available now but this is a limited edition of 200 Band-Direct copies, so get ordering! https://wargasmboston.bandcamp.com/album/why-play-around

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