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10 Old-School British Thrash Albums That Put The ‘Great’ Back Into Britain Again!

British thrash at its finest!

Anihilated – The Ultimate Desecration (1989)

What’s so bloody ‘great’ about it?

Anihilated’s second album is a British thrash milestone, incorporating Exodus’ brash brutality and Slayer’s knack for intimidating menace and groove to form an album worthy of serious attention by thrash hordes the world over.

The grisly grooves of instrumental “Desolation” set the scene as Anihilated’s malevolent, sickle-sharp riffing crunched straight into high gear on “Into The Flames Of Armageddon”. The album never let up from there on in; quality track following quality track with raspy, sandpaper vocals, wall-of-sound drums and Hell Awaits-era Slayer riffs combining furiously to thrash your face (and probably your tits) clean off.

The Slayer comparisons can be a little too familiar at times but if you’re gonna be inspired, be inspired by one of the best…..and if being the ‘British Slayer’ is a bad thing, we’ll be damned!

What are they up to now?

Sadly disbanded, Anihilated did reunite in 2008 and went on to write and record 2010’s comeback album Scorched Earth Policy, 2013’s follow-up iDeviant and 2015’s incendiary Anti Social Engineering.

Liked that? Try this: Anti Social Engineering (2015), one of the finest UK thrash albums ever recorded….and we ain’t fuckin’ kidding! This album absolutely slayed the competition in 2015!

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  1. who invented thrash metal 2019

  2. Hydra Vein reforming for a gig next year 🙂

  3. robert bailey // March 25, 2019 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    obnoxious is an excellent album and the first acid reign album i heard

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