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10 Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore In May 2016!

A veritable feast of metal awaits....

The Best Of The Rest….

Source // AllHailTheYeti

Source // AllHailTheYeti

All Hail The Yeti‘s Screams In The Black Wilderness will rupture eardrums when it arrives on May 6th.

More German thrash for your hard earned cash! Destruction return on May 13th with Under Attack. Utter destruction guaranteed!

Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments, Enoid‘s 6th black metal evisceration, arrives on May 5th. A one man black metal tour de force!

Chuck Schuldiner’s Death reincarnated, the gloriously old-school death metal charms of Gruesome return with Forces Of Death on May 20th. Give in to the power of death metal’s undeniable force!

Hatebreed are back to pummel faces into asphalt again when The Concrete Confessional hits on May 13th.

Illdisposed‘s melodic death metal gets darker as Grey Sky Over Black Town rains down on May 27th.

Prepare for a German riff extravaganza when Iron Savior‘s Titancraft causes tsunami sized waves on May 20th!

Katatonia‘s The Fall Of Hearts will redefine this great band once again; bleak but adventurous.

Kverlertak have (perhaps controversially) upped the rock ‘n’ roll factor even further on the forthcoming Nattesferd. We say, who gives a fuck! Great riffs, great melodies and aggressive vocals equals great heavy metal! Make your own mind up when it rolls into town on May 13th.

DOOM!!! Finland’s Lord Vicar show us how pure doom metal is done when their Gates Of Flesh open on May 27th.

Legendary U.S. heavy metallers Omen release their long anticipated Hammer Damage on May 27th. The damage will be substantial!

Old-school Swedish death metallers (on the scene since 1986!) Sorcery release Garden Of Bones on May 15th. Raw and dirty classic death metal performed by a band that helped lay the foundations of the genre!

Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels return on May 27th with Division Of Blood; get your retro thrash on!

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