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Worship Metal’s 4-Word Reviews – TON – Ashes Where They Stood

Death metal provocateurs!

The Facts:

Technical but not overly indulgent and dripping with a raw old-school meaty malevolence, TON’s intricate form of  brutal death metal – a terrifying tornado of swirling, smashing percussion and attention-defecit guitar leads and riffs – knocked us all on our asses when debut album Plague was originally released back in 1999. Sophomore album Bow Down To Extinction (2015) was even better, delivering 8 tracks of punishing technical death metal with immeasurable crushing power. Now it’s time for Ashes Where They Stood to pick up the mantle and brutalise the hell out of us!

Worship Metal’s 4-Word Review:

A. Ten. TON. Hammer! 7/10

For Fans Of:

Old-school death metal mixed with a modern day technicality.

Recommended Tracks:

At just 8 tracks, TON aren’t fucking around so we say gorge on the whole damn thing. There’s no let up, no showboating and no fucking remorse; simply death metal done right! Still, if pushed, we’d say start with the black metal-infused “Lex Talionis” which utterly destroys!


TON’s Ashes Where The Stood was released via Ungodly Ruins Productions on August 14th, 2020.

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