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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Satan – Atom By Atom

Album of the year material and no mistake!

Source // metal-hammer.de

Arguably the greatest comeback in recent history – not only in terms of quality but because Satan have avoided relying on past glories in order to maintain credibility – the current focus is 100% on Satan circa 2011 onwards and so far they have not put a foot (or cloven hoof) wrong.

After 2013’s fiery comeback album Life Sentence blew away hardened NWOBHM fans and modern Metallers alike, Satan’s classic sound – warmly nostalgic and authentic as opposed to passé – has consistently delivered the goods and the band have worked tirelessly to rebuild a solid fanbase and Atom By Atom has been eagerly awaited.

Emanating an unwavering sense of self belief, individuality and serious songwriting nous, Satan’s latest opus is undoubtedly worth the wait with the outstanding “Farewell Evolution” ironically playing down Satan’s recent resurgence. Exhibiting an evolutionary leap from New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’s also rans to elder statesman, Satan are proudly holding court over the bands their brand of Proto Thrash influenced in the 80’s and it’s the perfect mix of menace and melody on “Evolution” – and on each and every track in fact – that makes Atom by Atom such a Speed Metal masterclass.

The entire album is a flurry of incessant riffing, murderous in mind yet strangely comforting as the band so thrillingly combine the old with the new. A prime example is in the sanguine devolution of “Ruination” which oozes warmth as abrasive Speed Metal becomes something altogether more ‘classic’ in construct.  A deliriously glorious moment where the softening of sound – and a clear expression of Satan’s deep roots to the heyday of 70’s Rock – lulls the senses before whiplashing back into full on attack mode; clinical and damn near irresistable.

Exquisite riffs abound, Brian Ross’ vocals soar like never before and Satan’s kingdom is a stronghold of modern yet classic Heavy Metal that’s beyond shit hot, it’s positively searing. Atom By Atom bleeds quality from every last morsel, a stunning tour de force from a group of musicians who somehow, after 35+ years in the business, are operating at a level most bands can only dream of. We expected Atom By Atom to be good but this is album of the year material right here. Ave Satana! 9/10

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