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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Fuck The Facts – Desire Will Rot

For fans of Converge, Misery Index, Brutal Truth & Pig Destroyer

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Progressive Grindcore may sound like an awkward fit but Ottawa based Fuck The Facts have always been a relatively unique proposition in the Death-Grind/Grindcore scene and their sound continues to avoid standard classification; so Progressive Grindcore it is.

With no fucking around to be found, Desire Will Rot‘s opener “Everywhere Yet Nowhere” removes teeth with its off-time rhythms and snarling vitriol and “Shadows Collide” continues the rampage before segueing into Melodic Death Metal country; the first indication that Desire Will Rot will be an album to embrace a myriad of styles, often within the same song, often within the same millisecond! Extreme Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Death Metal, Doom Metal and Grindcore (the latter is the easiest association but merely due to glancing at song lengths) all get a look in but not one of these sub-genres accurately surmise the true nature of this punishing, parameter-pushing work of art. 

“La Mort I & II” provide a contrasting experience – from heaven to hell and back again in a seamless transition of discordance and exemplary guitar work – while the occasional powerhouse Doom Metal riffing of “Prey” offers respite from the surrounding grind. “Storm Of Silence” and “Solitude” maintain the high standards – while not quite offering the same visceral experience – but it’s on the final 3 tracks that Fuck The Facts deliver an astonishingly diverse take on the Death-Grind formula. The rolling, ever-evolving drums of “False Hope” propel this brutally beautiful track into the strangest realms, Noise-Rock bedding in with a Death/Doom meets Post-Metal mentality to create something truly unique. At 7 min 54 sec, the ambient avenues then explored on “Circle” may cause concern on paper but in reality add yet another level to this quite brilliant record while album closer, “Nothing Changes”, brings back the ‘heavy’, retains the atmosphere and still leaves you scratching your head in bewilderment at what you’ve just experienced.

Never ones to repeat themselves, the evolution of Fuck The Facts continues unabated. Their reverence to the scene magnified by a truly outstanding release that’s thrillingly accessible and testament to the fact that this Grindcore-hybrid has many legs and many paths still to travel. 9/10

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