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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Party Cannon – Bong Hit Hospitalisation

For fans of Devourment, Suffocation and Gorerotted.

Source // headbangorgtfo.com

Brutal Slam/Death Metal as heavy on the rib-ticklers as it is the grindingly ferocious breakdowns, Scotland’s Party Cannon swap confetti and ticker-tape for blast-beats and bowel-loosening growls to create a groove-drenched Death Metal assault on the senses that reeks of mere comedy value but actually throws up some of the heaviest, fastest Death Metal of 2015.

Surprised? Yeah, we were too! Party Cannon are no mere novelty act and while their sense of humour clearly detracts from a band clearly capable of out blast-beating and slamming the genre’s figureheads,  in the end, their canny knack for self-deprecating humour enables them to stand out from a crowded scene all too interested in looking big, scary and sounding like 500 pigs in a slaughterhouse.

Check out “There’s A Reason You’re Single” if serious neck-wreckage is your thing and “Interested Is Not The Word” for a highly amusing – and nostalgic – Ali G sample(!) followed by a frenetic charge through 5 minutes of belligerent blasting and groove-ridden, widdly-riff Death Metal mastery.

So, Party-Slam then! A new sub-genre mastered by its only (we think) protaganists and a wicked sense-of-humour infused rush of modern Death Metal, that’s clinically delivered without losing the sense that Party Cannon are in it simply to have fun; the kind of unexpected surprise party that leaves everyone satisfied! 8/10  

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