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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Decrepid – Osseous Empire

A return to core values!

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Worship Metal’s Album Of The Week comes courtesy of UK pure Death Metal revivalists Decrepid and their ferociously faithful Death Metal onslaught Osseous Empire.

It’s always a pleasure to review albums that simply don’t fuck around and Decrepid’s 2nd album, Osseous Empire, is a well aimed uppercut to the jaw that immediately knocks you spark out! Featuring no overly audacious showboating or Tech Death noodling, these 7 tracks of nasty, gnarly, riff-fueled, early 90’s style Death Metal built around generous helpings of solid groove and surprising melody – if you can call it melody, it’s more a case of Decrepid penning fiendishly inventive and infectious riffs – simply pulls no punches.

Unleashing a tidal wave of riffs that never once feel cliched or obvious, each and every track contains at least one moment where the Death Metal kid in you awakens and smashes the nearest ‘breakable’ with animalistic fervour. The likes of  “Asylumaniac”, “Death Walks Above” and “Breeding Anger” particularly encourage some serious neck-snapping head acrobatics and the deep ‘gutturals’ and occasional Glen Benton-esque shrieks of Cris Bassan are endlessly impressive and instantly satisfying.

At the core of Osseous Empire‘s appeal is how it whets the appetite for the old classics – Massacre’s From Beyond, Monstrosity’s Imperial Doom, Cannibal Corpse’s The Bleeding, Morbid Angel’s Domination and the UK’s own Bolt Thrower and Benediction with For The IVth Crusade and Transcend The Rubicon respectively – it’s as though Deathcore (or Death-snore as it’s known round these parts!) never happened. 

Decrepid are so loyal to the gory ol’ glory days that any fans of true Death Metal will be licking their lips in unbridled glee that an album this crushingly heavy and relentlessly brutal has not only come from the UK but has also been released in 2015. Sometimes nostalgia can be a very good thing and Decrepid are a band who evoke a serious passion for a return to Death Metal’s core ingredients; so eat ’em up, we need to encourage more of this old-school deathly behaviour! 9/10

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