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Wolf – Feeding The Machine – Album Review

Hungry.....like the Wolf!

One of the finest proponents of trad metal on the circuit, Sweden’s Wolf have left the sanctity of the pack to regale us with another collection of snarling metal tunes in the shape of album number 8, the almighty metal feast that is Feeding the Machine!

You may be pleased to hear that aside from recruiting a new drummer and bassist (who have fitted in seamlessly), not too much has changed in Wolf’s world, with the incessant high-speed chug of “Guillotine” working its 80’s metal magic perfectly well, while “Dead Man’s Hand” fuses its mid-tempo malevolence in a manner which recalls Judas Priest during Tim “Ripper” Owen’s tenure.

Unsurprisingly then, Wolf are still delivering traditional heavy metal with the bluster of an act who’ve been peddling their old-school wares since before it became ‘cool’ to do so. They know this stuff like the back of their hand and whether they’re delivering fast and furious numbers such as “Shoot to Kill” or the Anvil-esque “Spoon Bender”, they’re never less than 100% convincing.

At 12 tracks, there’s plenty to devour with precious little filler to soften the impact and, arguably, Feeding The Machine is Wolf’s finest offering since 2006’s The Black Flame. They’re blatantly back to their ravenous best! 7/10 

Feeding the Machine was released on March 13th, 2020 via Century Media.

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