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War Curse – Eradication – Album Review

Old school thrash with new school aggression!

Ohioan natives War Curse first came to our attention in early 2016, with the release of their debut album, Final Days, before seeming to disappear as quickly as they had arrived. Well, the good news is, after a few line up changes, this bunch of not so merry thrashers have returned and you’d better be prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor.

This is thrash of the highest order and pisses all over the majority of albums that dare to call themselves modern thrash. Relatively new vocalist Blaine Gordon roars his lungs up with aplomb – how the man has failed to rupture something is quite frankly baffling – and the rest of the band are no slouches either; throwing out monstrous riffs and glorious solos with gleeful abandon. War Curse also have the good sense to know that speed isn’t always everything and know exactly when to slow the pace down and let an innate sense of groove take over.

With not a weak song to be found – although the likes of “Asylum”, “Serpent”, the title track and the full blown ripsnorter that is “Sands Of Fate” are our particular standouts – Eradication is an album that revels in its thrash supremacy. As if that’s not enough, throw in guest appearances from Glen Alvelais (Forbidden), Kragen Lum (Heathen) and Kyle Thomas (Exhorder), appearances that actually add to the songs instead of the usual roping in of famous friends for publicity’s sake, and you have an absolute beast of an album on your hands!

With Eradication, War Curse haven’t attempted to reinvent the wheel. They have, however, unleashed an album of top quality songs, delivered with an unmatched grit and ferocity that has them standing head and shoulders above their peers and leaves them damn near untouchable.

Is it too soon to name our album of the year?! 9/10

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