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W. Angel’s Conquest – Taste Of Life – Album Review

The Taste Of Power Metal!

Source // www.rockarena.co.uk

Taste Of Life is the fifth album from Ukranian Power Metal mob W. Angel’s Conquest – the first to feature new vocalist Konstatin “Laars” Naumenko – and according to their press release they combine Power Metal with Folk tunes. Having listened to the album a number of times there is not too much in the way of Folk tunes but there is definitely a lot of top quality Power Metal!

Standout tracks are the opening “Revolution” and “Sunrise” and “Spirit Of Freedom”. Most songs on the album are mid paced with barrelling double bass, crunching guitar work and operatic vocals, in fact it’s not until track seven “Blooming Day” that the pace changes and adds a little variation to the album. Musically the band are on top form and are backed by a nice crisp production, the solos are well structured, tasteful and thought-out rather than a blur of notes just for the sake of showing-off; à la Dragonforce.

Taste Of Life is an album of catchy Power Metal and there is plenty to like about it. A couple of minor quibbles are that most tracks start with a keyboard/guitar solo which makes them sound alike and at times Laars sounds like he is struggling to hit the high notes but apart from these minor complaints this is a great wee album with plenty to enjoy for the long term Power Metal fan or casual listener. 7/10

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