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Voidthrone – Kur – Album Review

For fans of Deathspell Omega, Ulcerate, Imperial Triumphant, Oranssi Pazuzu, and Ruins of Beverast.

Voidthrone are an unconventional, dissonant blackened death metal band forged in Seattle and Kur is the follow-up to 2016’s well received Spiritual War Tactics.

Undeniably bleak and nihilistic, Voidthrone’s latest venture is an ever-more complex work of angered black metal blasts, atonal riffing and experimental soundscapes welded to the most terrifying sounds imaginable. These guys couldn’t give two fucks about traditional structure, with an ear for challenging abnegation proving to be their goal.

An unsettling experience, Kur appears to have been designed to instil feelings of dread amidst crushing claustrophobia. It’s not all impenetrable noise though, blink and you’ll miss the intricacy of endless discordant guitar motifs which bounce off the walls with irregular rapidity. Fundamentally a black metal album, Voidthrone seek to test the boundaries of genre via a series of grotesque outbursts; making the idea of ‘classification’ a moot point as lines are blurred with every syncopated turn into dark alleyways hitherto unexplored.

Almost impenetrable, Voidthrone are at the extreme end of the extreme metal spectrum but Kur should appease those who enjoy being emotionally damaged by their taste in music. 7/10

Kur is set for release on May 4th, 2018. Pre-order‘s are available now.

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