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Violent Revolution – Damaged Society – Demo Review

For fans of Exodus, Sacred Reich and D.R.I

Source // Violent Revolution

Damaged Society is the new four song demo from Phoenix Arixona based socio/political thrashers Violent Revolution. Formed in 2014, their bio lists the usual Slayer and Exodus influences (amongst others) and they do keep things suitably old school on this release. Although, considering Violent Revolution are led by George Robb – of 80’s speed metal legends Agent Steel and underrated thrashers Détente fame – this should come as no surprise!

Unlike many of the newer generation of thrash bands, Violent Revolution keep their songs firmly in the real world – and away from the jokey lyrics of Gama Bomb, Lich King and their ilk – and with a guitar sound both satisfyingly raw and crisp, Violent Revolution seem out to teach the new breed a trick or two.

With a definite nod to fellow Arizonans Sacred Reich, circa their thrilling debut Ignorance, the crunch of Violent Revolution’s riffs and the vocals – which are spat out with undeniable conviction – are a blast from the past. Opener “Damaged” starts with a mid paced intro before picking up some serious speed while “All Hail!” deals with that 80’s thrash staple of dodgy politicians and all four tracks are concise blasts of metal.

However, Damaged Society is not a perfect release by any means. The leads cut right through the mix to such an extent that the rhythm tracks are almost completely drowned out and – apart from the intro to “Damaged” – there is little variety on show. Nevertheless, these are very minor quibbles. After all, this is a demo and not a full length release and as a taster of what is to come, Violent Revolution show plenty of promise. It’ll be very interesting to hear what they do next. 7/10

Like what you hear? Get it here! https://www.reverbnation.com/violentrevolution1

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