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VEGA – Only Human – Album Review

Stoke up the fondue....it's cheesy ROCK time!

The UK’s own melodic hard rock cheese-ball of party anthems and heartfelt ballads return with Only Human….and it finds VEGA reaching for the stars (pretty apt considering their namesake) with a collection of ultra-gleaming, ultra-preening, big-balled, shiny-as-shit, properly polished pop-rock!

VEGA are the life and the soul of any party – they live and breathe this shit 24/7 – and they sing songs about partying and drinking until you’re the last man standing etc. They do balladry too; big fuck-off ballads about feelings and shit and they’re pretty good at delivering ’em without making you savour your own reflux – which is a plus!

Fortunately, VEGA deliver rock songs too; smothered in cheesy fondue but still as tasty as hell and big on hairy chest-beating moments. “Gravity” is Only Human‘s ROCK song of choice, with its classic Joey Tempest/Europe-isms providing plenty of panache and feeding the flame of melodic rock which is sure to burn for all eternity.

Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Europe (in the 80’s not their current incarnation) and Winger provide the backbone but VEGA are their own band, and while the cream of 80’s arena rock flows through VEGA’s veins, they’re no mere 80’s throwback. Their strong harmonies and massive choruses do transport you back to the days when rock was king but Only Human is modern melodic rock infused with time-honoured structure, purpose-built to attract a contemporary audience hungry for full-bodied songwriting and plenty of pomp and ceremony!

You’ve heard this kind of thing a million times before but then you’ve probably been to a million parties too, right? And, you’ll go to the next one, ’cause it’s fun to party. Just like it’s fuckin’ fun to listen to VEGA’s Only Human. 7/10

LABEL: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

RELEASE: 11th May 2018

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