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5 Obscure Rock / Metal Albums From 1970 You NEED To Hear!

Obscure yet essential....

1970 may have seen the release of Black Sabbath‘s seismic self titled debut and it’s follow-up, Paranoid, Deep Purple‘s inimitable In Rock and Led Zeppelin’s folky III, but it was a year which also gave us more than a few unsung classics which deserve higher praise…..

Comus – First Utterance [UK]

Comus – First Utterance (1998, Vinyl) - Discogs

In Greek mythology, Comus (Ancient Greek: Κῶμος) was the god of festivity and nocturnal dalliances and the progressive folk rock of the UK band of the same name was equally as mischievous, and informed by a macabre sense of the bizarre.

Drawing on mythology, mental illness and martyrdom, Comus‘s debut album, First Utterance, was notable for its unique blend of progressive rock, psychedelia, folk and paganism and its pastoral brilliance invoked a strong sense of fear and hysteria, particularly on the sublime yet unsettling “Diana”.

A unique and bewitching album from a band whose progressive tendencies were unrivalled at the turn of the 1970’s.

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