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The Lightbringer – From The Void To Existence – EP Review

Into the void.....

Are they black metal? Are they power metal? Are they progressive metal? The Lightbringer are a little of all and yet fail to convince as a unit which can ably amalgamate all these facets into a satisfying whole. It may be suitably solemn and full of gothic melodrama but From The Void To Existence lacks a sense of cohesion and identity as it barrels through a parade of blackened aggression and power metal pomposity.

Operatic female vocals are counter-pointed by blackened shrieks and while this beauty and the beast effect is tried and tested – and works well amidst From The Void To Existence’s 10 short tracks – the results are decidedly underwhelming. The vocals are good, the compositions (in semi-isolation) are more than serviceable but The Lightbringer somehow fail to convey their message within a package that feels well-rounded and inviting. In fact, what we are presented with is a release that feels un-finished, with ideas left unrealised as one song bleeds into the next with little to no differentiation. The only anomaly is “To Existence” which at least gives itself room to breathe (the majority of songs here are no more than 2 mins long) as the band settle into a light-weight blackened groove which at least stokes the flames of interest.

There’s elements here that do work and at least conjure up a little magic but they are, sadly, few and far between. A missed opportunity. 5/10

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