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Terrifier – Weapons Of Thrash Destruction – Album Review

Tick, tick, tick, tick......THRASH!!!

Source // Terrifier - Weapons of Thrash Destruction

With some bands and their albums it can sometimes be difficult to work out what genre of music they’re peddling. Not so with Canadian reprobates Terrifier – a name fit for a thrash band if ever there was one – who’ve made life pretty damn easy with their sophomore release Weapons Of Thrash Destruction. From the moment it starts to the moment it ends, this is nothing but a love letter to the glory days of 80’s thrash!

No mere pastiche or nostalgic piss take, Terrifier have lovingly crafted an old school thrash metal album that’ll make you want to dig out your white hi-tops and wedge yourself into your old skin tight jeans. Weapons Of Thrash Destruction is obviously not an original album – but then again what is these days – but there are definite dofts of the (baseball) cap to the likes of Kreator and Exodus and that, in 2017, is a wonderful thing.

From blistering opener “Reanimator” to “Nuclear Demolisher” and on to “Bestial Tyranny” (those are the highlights by the way) Weapons Of Thrash Destruction is a raw, vicious thrasher full of taut muscular riffing and a drum attack that’ll leave you gasping for clean air….it’ll also leave you feeling like you’ve been repeatedly kicked in the chest; as all good thrash should! We’d also be remiss not to tip our baseball cap in the direction of Rene Wilkinson and Brent Gallant, a guitar pairing completely in sync with one another. From neck snapping riffs to finger blurring solos, they deserve all the credit and plaudits they’re guaranteed to receive.

To sum things up then, Weapons Of Thrash Destruction is a great album that should see Terrifier take another major leap forward with their career. A minor issue is a lack, on some songs, of that killer hook but damn it, this is a top quality thrash release so we won’t hold that against them!

Basically, just one listen to Weapons Of Thrash Destruction at a dangerously high volume will flay the skin from your face. The searing heat generated by this thrash explosion is enough to level an entire city! THRASH! 8/10

Terrifier weapons of thrash destruction

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