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Summon – Parazv Il Zilittv – Album Review

Death is their guide, and Summon are his scythe!

The usual ambient sounds of hell and the droning chants of a thousand lost souls introduce Parazv Il Zilittv, the debut full length album from Portugal’s blackened death metallers, Summon. So far, so predictable. However, what follow is anything but predictable, as Summon deliver some truly disturbing sounds of hellish torment; backed by a blackened doom meets blackened death metal soundtrack of hateful, abominable noise.

These aren’t songs, they’re ancient rites conjured to bring about the downfall of mankind, and with wave after wave of undulating riffing making a major mess of your colon, it’s safe to say that Parazv Il Zilittv‘s tolling bells, feedback-drenched squall and endless blast-beats will result in a soiled-pants experience. So, those not already indoctrinated to this level of extremity should run for the fuckin’ hills!

Fundamentally unpleasant to listen to, Summon’s Parazv Il Zilittv is an ordeal. Pure and simple. But, is it any good? That’s hard to say. Is Parazv Il Zilittv the sound of pure evil? Most definitely! 7/10 (or 1/10 if you hate this sort of thing).

Summon’s Parazv Il Zilittv is out today via Iron Bonehead Productions….you could probably sell your soul to Satan for a copy if you so wish!

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