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Stormbringer – Born A Dying Breed – Album Review

Born to ROCK!

Diving straight into the thundering good stuff, Stormbringer‘s 3rd album heralds unsettled roads ahead on kick-ass opener “Don’t Trust Me”. With 90’s era Metallica-esque riffs, gang vocals and no end of satisfying chug, Born A Dying Breed positively smashes into your cerebrals with a greater insistency and intensity than most, and as attention-grabbing openers go, this one’s a fuckin’ doozy!

Fortunately, things just get better as an endless stream of hard rock/melodic metal anthems proceed to grace your ear-holes as the album progresses. Huge choruses and high energy inform the entire album and Stormbringer’s credentials as one of the UK’s finest hard rock acts looks to be firmly set in stone with this outstanding release.

“Dying Breed” is Stormbringer’s Bon Jovi moment, all twangy guitars and heartfelt posturing but it’s the unbridled ferocity of pace found on the remaining 9 tracks that elevates Born A Dying Breed into the must-hear category. Echoing the Deep Purple track that gave them their name, Stormbringer simply unleash a torrent of riffs and high-octane vocals throughout. For what is ostensibly a mainstream courting hard rock release it’s refreshing to hear a band refusing to pander to lowest common denominator posturing. Instead, Stormbringer let the music do the talking and they talk loud and they talk fast!

When you’re capable of penning monster anthems you deserve all the success you can get and Born A Dying Breed is the kind of album that usually catapults bands into the big leagues. Here’s hoping this will be the case for Northampton’s Stormbringer, they deserve it….and with Born A Dying Breed they’re more than capable of meeting expectations.

Bigfoot, Massive Wagons, Inglorious and Stormbringer are all making this UK rock thing look easy. Long may it continue! 8/10

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