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Spiritz – Perfect Sides – Album Review

Perfect? Not quite.

Source // spiritz.rocks

Spiritz, an Alternative Rock/Metal act from the Ukraine, unveil their Perfect Sides debut. Originally self-financed and released last year the album has been remixed and remastered by the mighty Roy Z (Halford/Bruce Dickinson/Sepultura/Downset) and is ripe for reappraisal.

Many of the songs on Perfect Sides seem to have an 80’s Hard Rock vibe to them – mixed with a dash of Alternative Rock – and for the most part this works well but one notable problem lies with the vocals. Frontman Bobby Black settles on a harsh type of scream on the majority  of the songs, even when the music is reasonably mellow or downbeat and this lets the album down. Perhaps it would have been a better idea – when having the album remixed and remastered – to have re-recorded the vocals as the songs definitely call for a more melodic, clean singing style!

Vocals aside, the rest of the album is rather good and there are a number of well structured and tasteful solos, especially on second track “Freedom Zone” and some seriously catchy riffing. All in all this is not a bad album but it would be a hell of a lot better if they sorted out those vocals!

Let’s face it, Perfect Sides is the sort of album you could put on the background and it won’t annoy you. While it won’t win any awards for originality it’s by no means a bad album but it most certainly isn’t a game-changer as the press release would have you believe! 6/10

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