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Solitary – Unidentified – Single Review

Actually quite identifiable...this here is THRASH!!!

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Solitary are back with a vengeance! The UK thrash machine have emerged with new material, a new label, a new video and a new track titled “Unidentified”. One thing is for sure, “Unidentified” is a sure-fire indication that these faithful ‘frashers’ are as pissed off and capable of delivering the goods as ever!

The unholy step-sibling of Solitary classics “Predator” and “Keep Your Enemies Closer”, this corrosive new ditty hits hard, fast and with enough growls and scowls to ignite pits across the land. Make no mistake, “Unidentified” is full throttle thrash; written to rip throats, sever heads and shatter spines and equates to the most shit-kicking classic thrash from a UK band we’ve heard in an age.

Lightning-speed riffs propel this beast for its majority – a proper heads-down experience – before unleashing a meaty-as-fuck breakdown that’ll have you grinning and reaching for clean linen. Frontman Rich Sherrington sounds as malevolent as ever, spitting out lyrics as if they’re acid on his tongue and by the time this quick-fire thrash fest has reached its conclusion you’ll be left breathless and in love once again with the joyous simplicity of quality thrash! 8/10

Solitary Unidentified

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