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Slammin’ Thru – Things To Come – Album Review

Slammin prog metal from Spain....

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Concentrating on the Spanish festival circuit – even opening for Glenn Hughes at Santiago de Compostela in 2013 less than a year after they had formed – prog metallers Slammin’ Thru have achieved recognition in their home country but have remained out of earshot for the majority of us. However, Things To Come, their latest foray into the big wide world of prog, may hopefully propel them somewhere a little more accessible and they would certainly be a great addition to the European circuit.

Things To Come displays a varied mix of genres reflecting Slammin’ Thru’s myriad of influences, all of which seem to come together in a successful torrent of ‘progrockism (yep, we just made that one up and we’re sticking with it)! A seven track album encompassing metal, 80’s & 90’s prog and elements of deeper and darker roots, the band   provide an excellent backdrop to David’s (we’re on first name terms here) vocals which are, at times, reminiscent of Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil.

Slammin’ Thru are satisfyingly adept at what they do and while they use many of the musical construction methods – and additional sound effects – that have been utilised by many that have come before, the blend of styles on Things To Come still manages to produce something subtly different. Emerging from the ‘Land Of Rabbits’ (a little history fact thrown in there!), it’s highly likely that Slammin’ Thru’s fan base will breed like them after hearing this promising release! 7/10

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