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Skreamer – Pig Feed – Single Review

What's for dinner? PIG FEED!!

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London’s Skreamer are carving a swathe through the UK Metal Underground and their latest single “Pig Feed” is garnering major press attention….and for good reason!

Songs like “Pig Feed” don’t usually come from the UK, they make their way across the Atlantic courtesy of our American cousins and we embrace them with open arms. Well, America can fuck right off. Skreamer are ours and “Pig Feed” is an anthem that we’ll be slinging the U.S’s way and they will pay attention!

Brutal Nu-Metal-isms, more lyrically than musically, shoulder-barge Extreme Metal hostility and the overall atmosphere positively bleeds ‘we’re in this to the end-game’ sincerity. And don’t get us started on that irrefutably catchy “choking, choking, choking” refrain; we’ve been uncontrollably screaming it in people’s faces all day and it’s purpose built for the biggest stages the UK has to offer.

If the stream-of-consciousness catharsis of Slipknot warms the devil inside then Skreamer will have you breathing fire; our only gripe; at 2 mins 39 secs “Pig Feed” is too fuckin’ short! 8/10

You can download “Pig Feed” for free here; DO IT SWINE!

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