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Skreamer – King Of Crows – Single Review

Skreamer release another bone-rattling anthem!

Source // Skreamer

These lads just don’t know how to slow down! Skreamer are back with a new single (premiered on Metal Hammer no less) entitled “King Of Crows” and yet another – yes, another(!) – bone-rattling anthem is unveiled.

Featuring a smidgen of funk infused mid-90’s rap metal, a whole raft of Slipknot-esque dynamics, some semi-melodic Chester Bennington-esque backing vocals courtesy of bassist Serg and enough screams (or should that be skreams), groove heavy riffs and thought provoking, state-of-the-nation-style, lyrics to kickstart a civil war, Skreamer are undoubtedly living up to Metal Hammer’s description as the new voice for the voiceless.

Unafraid to throw in a classic solo mid way through, Skreamer are now so confident in their abilities to throw metal sub genres randomly into the mix – and still create cohesive and enthralling music with a message – that you can’t help but wonder where they’ll go next!

Huge opportunities await these guys and with a fearless work ethic, refreshing attitude and a will to make wholesale changes to the world they inhabit, 2016 could seriously be the year of the SKREAM! 8/10 


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